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Does your child fall asleep easily while on a ride? Does their head bounce around like a pinball while driving in your SXS or UTV or off-road vehicle? Do you wish there was a better way for them to stay comfortable?

We have a solution for you! Helmet-Hands in Branson, MO is an innovative solution to keep children secure, awake,  and comfortable during off-road SXS and UTV rides. 

 Comfort Devices for Helmets
in Branson, MO 

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Why Choose Us?

Innovative Helmet Strap Design

Built to Keep Kids Comfortable on Off-Road Adventures

Affordable & Easy to Install

Brand-New Company With an Innovative Idea

Helmet Hands was created with the idea to help keep kids heads secure if they fall asleep while on a ride. 

 We had noticed parents struggling to keep their little ones heads secure and their heads bouncing around with a heavy helmet on.

Helmet-Hands secures a child’s helmet to the back of the SXS and UTV and seat for a more comfortable ride.

Helmet Hands Are Changing Off-Roading Comfort for the Better 

Helmet-Hands is an innovative helmet restraint that is changing the way children enjoy rides in off-roading vehicles.

While it is not a replacement for safety devices, it can work in conjunction with them to provide a safe and comfortable ride on even the bumpiest of dirt roads. 

kid using Helmet-Hands safety strap
kid in ATV wearing Helmet-Hands strap

Perfect to Help Any Child  Comfortable & Secure 

Do you love long rides on your SXS and UTV? Our helmet restraints are an affordable and effective way to keep your child comfortable and secure during bumpy and rugged off-roading trips. 

Give Them a Try Today!

We have started our business with the goal of helping the people of Branson benefit from an innovative off-road comfort product, and now we want to offer our helmet restraints to people across the country. 

 Give Helmet-Hands a call today to learn more about our product and how we use it to improve the off-roading experience for children.

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We are extremely excited to announce our Helmet-Hands are in stock and ready for retail sales!  These will come with hang tags in a display box for easy display anywhere.   

Contact us for details